Just a few weeks ago, Instagram announced a feature that has become popular all over the internet. This feature is called IG TV. IG TV is a type of TV which consists of varies types of channels. Here you can add your videos, and those who follow you can see your videos on your channel.

With one billion active users on Instagram,you can now create your own channel. With this much active users, you can expose your brand to a targeted audience. IGTV is video content feature which allows its creators to upload and create up to 1-hour video on their channel.

 Although IGTV is a separate app from Instagram, it can give high-quality vertical video contents which is very much helpful for Instagram marketers. You can also buy views and likes so that your IGTV channel has more views and followers. Here are some tips which might help you to promote your brand through IGTV.


Instagram allows its users to have 60 seconds of video which is not enough for the audience. Unlike Instagram, IGTV gives you the opportunity to shoot up to 1 hour. But who’s gonna watch 1-hour video? So here’s the tip. Make your video up to 2 minutes so that it is not boring and gives the audience something in return.

Most of the people watch videos which give them something in return. Especially product review videos. In such videos, you can review your product, its final results and you can guide your followers on how to use it.Then your video may have more views, likes, and comments.


The two most important factors that make your videos worth watching are title and description. First of all, you need to be precise and brief when it comes to writing titles. Your titles should not exceed 3 words and 18 characters. This is the best and safest minimum range. It can be more than that but depends upon the video.

 Second, comes the description. Descriptions should not be too much longer. You can add details about the relevant video. You can also add some links that you want your followers to click on them. Also, use hashtags if you want to. But on IGTV hash tags are not useful for now. Maybe in the future, hashtags may play a major role.


 When it comes to call-to-action option, you can use it effectively to promote your IGTV channel and videos. You can use swipe up option in your Instagram story so that your followers would immediately know that your video is up on your IGTV channel.

 They can use this swipe up the option to directly watch your video. Note that its valid for those who follow you. This call-to-action is also available for those bloggers who have less than 10,000subscribers but only for IGTV channel.

  • Q&A

 Everybody knows that Q&A is very necessary when it comes to the marketing platform. People who follow you or buy your products from you might want to know about your productor how it is made (especially for those who promote organic products). 

With IGTV you canupload a long video where you can answer every query that your followers have.You don’t need to go live yo answer their questions. You can ask your followers to fill up the comment section with their queries on your latest post on Instagram. And then you can answer them on your upcoming IGTV video.


Once you have started uploading videos on your IGTV channel, you might want to know what your audience wants from you. For this, you can look at your insights where you can manage on the number of views, likes, and comments on your videos.

 In this way, you will know which videos your audience want to watch. You can upload your follower’s favorite videos so that you can have more views on your videos.Moreover, you have more traffic towards our channel. More traffic means more engagement rate.


 When it comes to other influencers, you need to make sure what they are doing with their channels. In this, you will learn much more about IGTV from them. You can follow them and see their IGTV channel. You can see how they often choose the cover for their channel. Because the cover is the most eye-catching thing.

 Furthermore, you can see how they engage with their audience while doing a vertical video. Also, see how they caption their videos. These are the things which marketers can learn from each other.


 Like the Instagram post, there are timings on which you can upload your video on your channel.When posting something on Instagram, you make sure that your post is visible and seen by most of your followers. Similarly, you want to make sure that your video has been viewed by most of your followers.

Make a schedule so that it becomes easy for you to know when your followers are most active. You an also take help from the “insights”. Hence, your video will be shared more with other audience.


Here comes the actual part. You want to make sure that you edit well your video before uploading it. With editing comes the quality. Quality is something every body sees. So you need to invest in your video.

Editing a vertical video is not easy. You want to make sure that you apply the aspect ratio which is 9:16. because when you do so, your video becomes pixelated. Just be careful when editing your video. Also, use good audio, lenses, and camera to have a good quality video.