10 tricks to succeed as a vlogger

1. Be noticed

Everything has changed since I started. It’s more difficult because there are a lot of people doing content. However, I do not think that means there is less hope but you need to do more so that your videos get attention. I think that in social networks there are tools for people to make themselves known. YouTube now has a tab that helps publicize the new creators.

2. Believe in the content

Put passion into what you do. I think the viewers immediately notice if you do it with passion. There are those who like the process of editing, adding music, special effects … Some people simply want to share their personality and what they have to say. It depends on each person.

3. Be original

Be original and create content that can not be found anywhere else. Sometimes it is good to follow the trends and see what is successful but do it with your own style, do not copy.

4. Get closer to others

What helped me from the beginning to grow was to collaborate with people. Find who you share the content with, even if you start with only a small audience. Share with people who are doing things similar to yours.

5. Understand social networks

YouTube for me is key but I’m also interested in Facebook Video, because it can be better shared due to the incredible social network it has. They also own Instagram and Instagram video. I think YouTube and Facebook will be very important in online videos. Will they take different directions? Will they offer different things? Both are doing livestreaming and 360 content. I am very interested to see what will happen.

6. You do not need the best technical material

Start with your mobile. There is nothing more important than the story you are telling. I now have a good camera for vlogging with good lenses but I think it is not necessary. Sometimes I wonder if I should go back and use a simpler vlog camera. Some people tell me that the better the less authentic image, the more the story seems.

7. Do not leave your current job

I do not think this is a profession. It is very difficult to earn money. If you enjoy them as a hobby, then it is ideal. Do not think you’re going to make money. If you start having enough audience you can then grow. Most musicians do not start playing in big bands. There are many trials and times in which music is practiced simply for fun. It is naive to think that you are going to make money right away.

8. Try to be different

My goal is to be myself and inspire other people to also travel and live adventures. I know I have a great platform so the messages are important. It is very easy to stay on the surface of things. I want us to realize the world we have around us, how we treat people, animals, the planet … These are the messages I want to convey.

9. Do not be afraid to show your personality

I show my own trip. My first channel on YouTube was FoodForLouis where I ate strange things, even animals, now I have become a vegan and I am sharing this process. People realize what is real. It is not about giving sermons but about sharing your revelations.

10. Do not obsess

I do not have a boss so I can take a few days off when I want. I have rested a lot since I returned to the United Kingdom. At the beginning of my career I did not rest and I ended up burned. I no longer press myself to make new material every day. Now I enjoy the idea of ​​having a relaxing weekend.